Michael, Taylor, Phillip, and Jamie


Jamie Amos

Jamie has been instrumental to Bernhardt since day one, when she encouraged Fred to start his own watch company! Jamie and Fred were married 34 years, and though watches were always Fred’s passion, she’s taken the torch in stride, learning everything about the business, and running Bernhardt as a lasting symbol of her husband’s legacy. Jamie focuses most of her attention on repairs, and the overall vision for the company; ensuring that we deliver on Fred’s promise to his customers.

Michael Berrios

Michael, the newest member of the team, brings his combined enthusiasm and knowledge of all things watches to Bernhardt. A former Fred Head, Michael quickly sought more involvement after an unforgettable interaction with Fred in 2019. Initially aiding with photography, Michael now contributes to product design, marketing, customer service, and business development. His passion extends to the work he dedicates himself to, so don't be surprised if you receive a lengthy explanation to that question you emailed in!

Phillip Amos

Bernhardt Watch Company began by producing small batch, contract timepieces for sheriff departments and universities in the Carolinas. Nearly 20 years later, we’ve proudly collaborated with over 70 of these organizations around the globe! Taking on his father’s role, Phillip manages these relationships, fielding new requests and delivering on our customer service standard. We also have Phillip to thank for our bestselling model, the Binnacle Diver. Derived from a sketch when he was only 12 years old, the “Diver” was inspired by the idea of a shark chomping down on a watch dial.

Taylor Amos

Taylor is the team's creative force! She started her journey with Bernhardt by designing and producing our signature wooden watch boxes. Now, Taylor plays a role in design and new product development, contributing her curiosity and unique perspective to ensure every angle is covered. Moving forward, Taylor is dedicated to ensuring our customers have a personalized, positive experience in every interaction with Bernhardt. She continues to explore other creative avenues to make that possible!