Born and raised in the small industrial town of High Point, North Carolina, Fred Bernhardt Amos always found inspiration in his family’s long lineage of manufacturing in the region. The highest point on the Charlotte-to-Goldsboro railway where it intersected the Great Western Plank Road, High Point became a natural center for manufacturing since the 1850s. Easy access to raw materials allowed it to build its foundation on the strength of textile mills and furniture. Still known as “The Furniture Capital of the World”, High Point showcases the best the industry has to offer at its twice yearly High Point Market.

Both Fred's father and uncle built and ran successful textile mills dated back as far as 1916, the Amos Hosiery Mills and Melrose Hosiery Mills, and this is where our current logo originates from. Fred and his family worked there until the day they shuttered; fulfilling orders until every last employee had found another job. This is the world Fred grew up and built his career in. This is the world from which the Bernhardt Watch Company was born and every day we strive to  incorporate the principles of honest work, quality construction, and great service into every watch we make. And we’ve made quite a few since the company began. 

The Amos Hosiery Mills

First realizing his fascination with quality timepieces in 1990, Fred spent decades collecting and restoring Rolex and other luxury watches before turning that passion into Bernhardt Watch Company. Beginning with designing and manufacturing contracted timepieces for local universities, law enforcement and military institutions and eventually embarking on the private label line sold to the public, Bernhardt has helped pioneer the personalized, online direct-to-consumer wristwatch marketplace.

Sadly, Fred passed away in January 2022 but we remain a family owned business, with his wife, Jamie, at the helm. Fred’s son, Phillip, is our Vice President of Design and crafted our iconic and best selling Binnacle Diver. They are joined by full time third-generation watchmaker Frank Lazimi, who spent years working in Europe in every facet of watch making, and whom allows the company to assemble, modify and service domestically as much as possible. 

Today, Bernhardt Watch Company maintains its reputation for impeccable service and communication through social media, email and good old-fashioned calls with our customers. Building quality men's and women's watches that everyone can afford is our hallmark and we are proud to stand by each one. We strive to give you a little piece of our time and heart in every watch and hope you enjoy them – because now it’s your time.

Fred, Jamie, Phillip and Taylor Amos with baby Wyatt.