Wearing your Bernhardt watch should be as easy as buying it. We've put together some video tutorials and write-ups on sizing and setting your watch if you encounter any problems.
Binnacle Anchor/Diver/Submersion, Captain's Watch, Corsair Diver
To unlock the crown, turn counterclockwise until you feel a slight release. Wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise 20-25 revolutions- the seconds hand will begin to sweep. If your timepiece has a date, pull the crown out to the 1st click and rotate clockwise to advance the date. It's important to avoid advancing the date between 10pm and 2am. Doing so can cause harm to the watch's movement. Once the date is set, pull the crown out to the 2nd click and set the correct time. Once set, push the crown all the way in (towards the case). While compressing, turn the crown clockwise until you feel resistance. This resistance is what locks the case and forms a watertight seal. The movement has a power reserve of approximately 40 hours and will run indefinitely while you are wearing it.
Corsair GMT
Complete the above steps to wind your watch, and set the date/time. To set the GMT hand, bring the crown to the 1st click (this is the same as the date setting). Rotate the crown counter-clockwise until the GMT hand is set to the desired 24 hour setting. The rotating bezel of this watch also allows you to set a 3rd timezone. To do this, rotate the bezel until the GMT hand points to the desired time on the bezel.
Retro World Timer
The above steps cover the winding and setting of the date/time for your Retro World Timer. Where your timepiece is unique, is in its secondary crown and World Timer setting. Unscrew the secondary crown by turning counter clockwise. When the crown tension releases, the internal rotating bezel is free to move. Rotate the bezel in either direction to align the 24-hour scale with the city of your choice. For example, if it's 1pm EST, align New York with 13 on the inner dial. This now displays the approximate time of each of the 24 time zones on the rotating bezel.